Arrivederci Antonio Conte

Spurs part ways with another high calibre manager

Dear oh dear oh dear! Not another one Daniel, not another one! I am sure by now you will all have heard the news coming out from White Hart Lane that Antonio Conte and Tottenham Hotspur have agreed to part ways with just 10 games to go this season. Daniel Levy (Tottenham chairman – longest serving in premier league history), is believed to have relieved Conte of his duties which would make the Italian the 11th manager sacked by Levy. Conte, during the post-match press conference after the 3-3 draw with Southampton had a few choice words for Tottenham Hotspur, the collective, the individual and the entire organisation. Many will say that Levy had no choice but to sack him after this outburst, but you cannot deny that he echoed a lot of truths in what ultimately cost him job at Spurs.

Conte was appointed in November 2021 on an 18 month contract after replacing the less enigmatic Nuno Espirito Santos (and that’s being polite). I for one, like every other Spurs supporter and fan, felt the tide was about to turn in our favour.  Finally, I thought! The yearning and longing is over. Let the good times roll. The trophy cabinet about to be fed. Bring back the good old days. We had secured the services of one of the best managers in modern football and a proven winner in the premier league. What could go wrong? SPURS! That’s what. Spurs being (and I hate to say it) ‘Spursy’.

In contrast to neighbours and North London rivals Arsenal, who seem to have built a formidable team this year. A blend of experience and youth, led by a Manager with vision and decisiveness. Players who have shown for each other this season and continue to improve with each game. They embody a togetherness Tottenham desperately lack and they uphold a courage that will no doubt see them crowned champions come May (unless Manchester City have a stroke of luck). Tottenham’s courage and togetherness ended in the champions league final in 2019 before kick-off (it hasn’t returned since).

Will Conte’s timely sacking jeopardise Spurs’ hope for a top four finish? If history is anything to go by, then the answer would be yes it would. Cast your mind back to when Jose Mourinho was at the helm at Tottenham. The ‘Special One’ was sacked by Levy days before the EFL cup final (who does that!). Mourinho has a great and proven track record of winning major finals and I wouldn’t have betted against the Portuguese supremo delivering for Spurs. However, this wasn’t to be as he too was met with the same fate as many managers before his tenure.  Surely, surely, surely Tottenham cannot continue in this fashion…..managerial sackings doesn’t move the club forward. A lot of money has been invested in the club, therefore buying blue chip players may not be at the top of priorities but having stability and building with what you have is logical.

What’s next for Tottenham going forward? Well, if it were up to me, I would sell Kane to Manchester United for no less than £100 million, I would get rid of Davies and revamp the defence with younger more energetic players. And finally, I would sack Daniel Levy and the Tottenham board or get them to sell to the highest bidder. If anything needs to change, it the ownership of the club. A league cup as your major honour in 21 years of ownership isn’t cutting it Daniel.  

Another one bites the dust as Levy strikes again!

Conte leaves Tottenham Hotspur