It was just a matter of time for the inevitable to finally be made official as Liverpool fans watched the Chelsea vs Manchester City game (I’m sure), eagerly anticipating what they have been waiting for for 30 years. Their dreams became a reality given the fact that they needed Manchester City to lose in order for them to be crowned champions. Chelsea played their part by winning the game 2-1 and you can’t help but to draw on the irony, given the fact that it was Chelsea who stopped Liverpool (or at least the catalyst) from winning the league a few years back after that infamous Steven Gerrard slip.

There’ll be some very happy supporters and fans alike celebrating this success, especially seeing as the trophy had eluded them for such a significant period. The club had assembled teams in the 90s and 00s to try to emulate and replicate the successes of their history but could only muster success in European club competitions. I’m sure if you ask any Liverpool supporter what this title means to them, they would probably say everything.

Their success shows that with the right manager, team, and full backing of the board/chairman anything and everything is possible. Not to mention affording that manager sufficient time to build the identity of his squad. You can clearly see the unity between the players and coaching staff and any suggestions that this is a one-off is absolutely false. A strategy was put in place ever since the appointment of Klopp and any player deemed as problematic or a bad apple within the squad were escorted out of Anfield swiftly (I think the Sakho saga comes to mind).

Now I give full credit to Klopp for what he has achieved at the club since his arrival in 2015. He now has both champions league and premier league honours as rewards for the work and dedication he put into the club. If the owners of the club had sacked him during a minor blip, then fans wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the moments and memories he was able to manifest. The man is an absolute genius. He was able to scrutinise the squad of players at his disposal and address all areas of weakness in order to formulate a new mentality and bring eventual success to Liverpool.

Genius at work

He assembled a new front three with the acquisition of Mane, Salah and Firmino. On paper they don’t pose much of a threat but on the pitch these guys are absolutely incredible. I made a comparison between the existing 3 and the previous 3 of Suarez, Sturridge and Raheem Sterling. And to be quite honest the proof is in the pudding. Who remembers the Liverpool goal keeper, Loris Karius whom a lot of people blamed for their champions league final defeat to Real Madrid in the 2017/18 season? He was ushered out of Anfield and replaced by the more capable Alisson and never to be seen again (well, have you seen him?).

Dynamic Trio

However, I think Klopp’s best acquisition was the signing of Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton in 2018. The difference and impact he has made since his arrival is definitely clear for all to see. At the time a lot of people (me included) felt the price tag was too high for a defender coming from Southampton. Look let’s be honest, Liverpool have a rich history of making dodgy signings at high value (Andy Carroll anyone?). Fortunately for Klopp, this deal proved to be fruitful.

Not much is said about their captain Jordan Henderson but he also deserves the right to be decorated with plaudits having led the side to champions league and premiership titles. With the title now sealed the team can go on to break all kinds of records and I’m sure they will. For now though, massive congratulations to Liverpool and all Liverpool supporters and fans, enjoy your moment.

Sometimes victory is forged in defence!!!!!!

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