You’ve got to love Arsenal fans. Nobody does delusions better than the North Londoners’ very unique fanbase. I’m sure you are all aware of the recent signing of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid to Arsenal for £45 million after the Gunners triggered a release clause in the Ghanaian internationals contract. Partey joins Arsenal to occupy a midfield position on a long term contract and will wear the number 18 jersey.

The past weeks have seen Arsenal supporters express their joy at the acquisition of Partey (anyone would have thought they’d signed Messi or Ronald). Social media has been flooded with Partey memes and a notable remix of the Party Hard song by singer Donae’o (Hahahaha! I am not making this up). I am not sure why there has been hysteria surrounding Partey’s arrival and only Arsenal fans will be able to provide answers.

According to some Arsenal supporters the league title is already theirs. In all honesty as good as Partey is, he is virtually unknown. Yes, we’ve seen him play for Atletico in the champions league but the hype we’ve seen this week has just been laughable. Hopefully he hits the ground running and adds some solid assurances to Arsenal’s fragile midfield (which I’m sure he will). However, I very much doubt his addition will lead Arsenal to the summit.

The midfielder has been quoted as saying ‘he wants to help Arsenal get back to where they belong’. You cannot question the player’s desire and ambition, however, it will take a lot more than one midfielder if Arsenal are ever to see the return of their glory days (minus the FA cup wins of course, respectfully).

Partey Time!!!!


  1. I’m an Arsenal fan, but I totally agree, enough is enough the dude has not even touch the ball in the most fast pace difficult football league in the world. Calm down Arsenal fans I know we have been dieing for a while to see another Patrick Veira, but the dude is not Patrick Veira….I beg


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