Relegations,Top four battles and that Stadium

Fast and Furious

This week has been full of action as we near the closing stages of the season. As always, the closer we get to the end the faster and more it seems the games are being thrown at us. I am highly entertained by all the drama and definitely happy to see the return of some premier league football after the international break (well done England by the way!!!).

In the past week we have seen some movers and shakers on both ends of the table and the league is now becoming a lot clearer. There are two teams competing for the title, four teams battling it out for the the exclusive champions league spots and the relegation dog fight. It’s a lot to get through (I know) but it’s definitely worth the excitement and hype.

Firstly we have to say goodbye to Huddersfield and Fulham who have both been officially relegated from the Premier League having lost respective matches this week. Huddersfield’s fate was sealed when they lost 2-0 away to Crystal Palace whilst Fulham suffered back to back defeats to Manchester City (2-0) and Watford (4-1) respectively. The results mean that both teams will be in the Championship next year. However, I expect to see them return to the premier league soon enough.

Cardiff are the other team in the relegation zone and with 5 points adrift from Burnley may also find themselves in the championship next season. They too suffered back to back defeats at the hands of Chelsea (2-1) and Manchester City (2-0) casting doubt over their survival chances in the top flight (let’s face it, they’ve got absolutely no chance in hell and will be RELEGATED!!! yes i said it).

The drama at the top is yet to be decided between the top two, although many will feel Liverpool have made the task a lot harder for themselves having thrown away a 7 point advantage. Over the past week we have seen them exchange places with City at the top of the summit and unfortunately only one team can be crowned champions.

Liverpool made sure they were still in the title race thanks to an own goal from Alderweireld in the game against Tottenham. Firmino gave the home side the lead in the 16th minute before Lucas Moura equalised for Spurs in the 70th minute. To be fair to Spurs they made a massive improvement in the second half after a very poor first half showing and could have won the game if not for the awful finishing of one Moussa Sissoko (absolutely terrible, the ball ended up in Row Z).

Take nothing away from Sissoko as he actually did perform well but that’s just football I guess. Still, Liverpool pressed on and were rewarded thanks to Salah’s quick thinking and Spurs’s inability to defend. The Reds proved they are willing to go toe to toe with City and it could all be decided on the last day of the season (we’ve seen that before, so here’s hoping).

City meanwhile are steamrolling everything in sight and are unplayable at times. It’s very hard to overcome a team/squad full of immense quality and talent and there’ll be no surprises if they go on to win every competition they are in. As mentioned, they made light work of Fulham and Cardiff by dispatching both 2-0 ensuring they remain top of the table by a point ahead of Liverpool. They now have 6 more games to go and who would bet against them? Certainly not me!!

In the race for the top four between Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham the drama is also unfolding. There are just 3 points separating 3rd and 6th place so it’s looking very tight indeed. Arsenal staked their claim for the prize in their 2-0 win against Newcastle at the emirates whilst United, although they won 2-1 against Watford, dropped points in their 2-1 defeat to the very impressive Wolves (what a season the Wanderers have had).

Chelsea  are also back in contention having had back to back wins against Cardiff (2-1) and Brighton (3-0) respectively. Tottenham on the other hand have gone from being title contenders to a possibility of missing out on the top four places especially after that 2-1 defeat to Liverpool. They always make it hard for themselves but as always the Spurs go marching on. And march they did as they bounced back in their 2-0 home win against Crystal Palace. By home I mean the Tottenham Stadium (think they could have come up with a better name to be honest!!) and not Wembley.

It’s official the mighty Spurs have finally moved into their new stadium and what a sight to behold. While things may not be great on the pitch, the new stadium definitely brought a lot of smiles to the Spurs fans especially knowing that it’s a lot bigger  than the emirates (Arsenal’s stadium, hahaha!!!) well by 1000 seats me thinks. It boasts the longest bar in Europe and lets hope the players can turn it into an impregnable fortress (now there’s something to behold). So cheers Daniel Levy for a job well done, how’s about a couple of trophies in the next few years to liven the place up (don’t worry I won’t hold my breath).


Home sweet home, Casa de Tottenham!!!

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