Winter break? What winter break I hear you ask. Exactly! I have absolutely no idea what this abrupt winter break is about. So apparently the FA decided to award premier league teams a winter break for a couple of weeks hence why the games have been few over the past weekends. Personally I feel the whole idea of this winter break is pointless.

The big European Leagues all have a break over Christmas but I am pretty certain that the break is to allow players to spend quality time with their respective families. However, the FA will never consider doing the same for the premier league as there is just to much revenue to sacrifice over the festive period. So why have this break then? Well, yes it does give players a chance to rest and recuperate where necessary but that’s as far an excuse I’m willing to allow.

The notion that giving players a rest in the winter will somehow benefit them during the Euros this summer is absolutely bogus. For me it all comes down to talent and belief. Do you have the ability and determination to deliver a major trophy at an international tournament, now that’s the question we should be asking our players. If the FA really would like to help the players out, the best solution and possible prep would be to finish the season early. If the league could end in April that would give the English players a good couple of months to prepare for the Euros.


Manchester City have been banned from all European competitions for the next couple of years after being found guilty of breaching the financial fair play policy by UEFA. The story unfolded when a hacker hacked into City’s emails allegedly before the case was further investigated by UEFA.

So Man City haven’t been playing fair and have been handed a stiff sanction but I’m sure they’ll get over it in time. Some City fans are worried this ruling may see them lose some of their most prized assets including Manager Guardiola. However, reports in the media suggests that Guardiola is happy to remain at the club for the duration along with key players also. If we are being honest, City have enough financial clout to be able to retain these players.

The implication are that City will now be able to solely concentrate on the league and could possibly dominate it for the next two years. But, this is football and anything can happen (I’m also not a mind reader-just saying!!).

city banned

Doom and gloom…….see you in two years amigo!!!


  1. True talk about the break! Or maybe they were worried that their expensive players were going to get blown away by storm Dennis… lol


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