With the Premier League now allowing teams to be able to carry out training sessions at respective training grounds, I think it’s safe to say that the league will return sooner rather than later. It was announced that Premier League clubs have unanimously voted to resume training in small groups from Tuesday. The aim is for teams to be able to train but also follow guidelines by maintaining social distancing whilst a review to full contact training has yet to be decided.

Currently there are ongoing COVID-19 tests scheduled to take place at clubs around the country and hopefully this will aid the Premier League in administering a safe return to action. June 12 has been penned in as the likely date for the league to resume and see off the rest of the season (Liverpool fans will be happy with that one). I am sure they’ll be minor concerns related to player fitness but I guess everyone is on the same boat so no advantages for anyone.

Meanwhile, as the Premier League make preparations in England, further afield in Scotland the Scottish FA have decided to end the Scottish Premier League siting coronavirus as the reason for this decision. As a result of this announcement Celtic have been awarded and crowned champions for the ninth consecutive season, whilst Hearts were relegated to the Scottish championship. To be fair I think they can’t really argue with the decision because at the end of the day, you have the whole entire season to accumulate points and if you don’t then the inevitability of relegation is clear (I’m just saying).

However, there were football matches over the weekend with the return to action of the German Bundesliga. The German FA decided to take a different approach by resuming the league and have taken measures to ensure the safety of the players. The games were played behind closed doors, meaning no supporters and crowds of people at the stadium. From a safety element it looked like a successful  process without any cases being reported in relation to covid-19.


In my total desperation to watch a game of football having felt deprived of the beautiful game, I attempted to watch the Bayern Munich’s match against 1.FC Union Berlin but after ten minutes I had to turn the telly off (I just couldn’t deal with the lack of atmosphere!!). Here’s my suggestion going forward, mute the players or inject some pre-recorded supporter cheers and jeers just to add a little spice to the audiovisuals.


Edging nearer and nearer!!!!

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