Premier League teams warmed up with friendlies this past week in preparation for the restart of the campaign due to resume from Wednesday 17 June. I know there’s a lot of anticipation across the football world and glad to see that teams are also prepping themselves for whats to come.

A number of teams elected to host in-house 11 aside games to test player fitness and readiness for the commencement of the remaining games of the season. Notably, Pogba made a return for Manchester United which could boost their ambitions of qualifying for the champions league next year. Then again, his return could be detrimental to the dynamic of the first team who had found their rhythm since the arrival of Bruno Fernandes (even Fred’s been putting in performances hahaha!).

Meanwhile, Arsenal opted for a friendly match against Championship side Charlton Athletic at the Emirates. The game saw Arsenal win comfortably by six goals to nil. Charlton were never going to provide a serious test, let’s be honest. Eddie Nketiah scored a second half hat-trick which I’m sure would have pleased manager Mikel Arteta. The Gunners are currently 9th in the league and have a huge obstacle ahead of them. However, one thing I know for sure is that, in football anything is possible (yes, even for Arsenal).

So its official, the league returns and Liverpool are a few games away from winning their first title in 30 years and their first premier league title EVER. Has there been a better side in previous campaigns? I believe so, yes they’ve had better teams in their history. Drawing comparisons for the premier league era, they had a good team in the 90s with players like Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen. And who can forget the Sterling, Suarez and Sturridge forward line (hella scary for defenders). They definitely would have won the league if Mr Gerrad hadn’t……….well Liverpool fans know the rest hehehe.

Whatever happens, this team under Klopp’s management deserve to win the title. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they have been fantastic all season long and will be rewarded for their endeavours. The question remains, will they be able to win back to back titles and be crowned champions next year? I don’t think so cause the mighty Spurs will be lifting that trophy next year.


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