When is the question

I hope you’re all keeping well and safe in light of the coronavirus. In these unprecedented times we all have to look after ourselves and follow all guidelines and measures. Another round of applause for the  magnificent NHS.

I know it’s been hella quiet in recent weeks and I never thought the day would come when I could no longer watch my beloved sport. I’ve been pulling my hair out (whats left of it) being stuck indoors, watching re-runs of only fools and horses, eating cheap sausages and beans thanks to the stock-pilers and food hoarders out there. Class act!

Moving on swiftly, as we know, the entire sporting world has undergone suspension due to Covid-19 and football was impacted by this. A decision was made earlier in March by the PFA to suspend the premier league until 30th April 2020. Given the current circumstance this was a wise decision to make and many clubs and players alike have shown their support.

The question that loomed mostly was whether or not the league should be completed or voided. Some people felt Liverpool should be awarded the league tittle by default, others felt Manchester City had a mathematical (slightly unrealistic) chance of winning the league therefore should be afforded the opportunity to compete out-rightly. There were also questions raised about the top four places and who would benefit depending on what action was taken.

If the season was voided, Tottenham would be in next years champions league and others like Leicester would miss out. This would be unfair but these questions were raised. Also, relegation would be an issue as well as promotion from the championship. So I am definitely glad that the season will reach a conclusion. Liverpool for the way they’ve handled business this year deserve to be crowned champions in the right manner, and with two wins needed to reach the summit; it would be absolutely criminal to not let them do so (nobody wants to lift a trophy up by default).

With UEFA confirming that all European Club competitions will also be concluded this season and the EUROs being postponed means Manchester City have a great opportunity to win the champions league. With their ban taking effect from next season, I’m sure they are delighted at the announcement from UEFA. Leicester potentially have an increased if not inevitable chance of returning to the champions league again (what a fantastic achievement by Brendan Rogers and without any tinkering….hehehe!!).

Here’s hoping that the season can resume from the scheduled date even if it means playing behind closed doors. For now though keep safe and stay healthy.



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